Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lamon Luther

Russell Shaw is an independent designer from Atlanta. He specializes in illustration, graphic design, logo and branding design, book layouts, user interface/experience, and video. Some of his previous clients are Microsoft, AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” SweetWater Brewery, The W Atlanta – Midtown, Bearings, Manner & Lane, The DeMoss Group, GiantImpact, Catalyst Conference, Uptown Treehouse, Plywood People, Lamon Luther, and more.
Russell recently finished a branding identity for Lamon Luther. Lamon Luther preserves the legacy of the rugged gentleman, forging a brand that builds hope for the craftsman. Born at the start of the Great Depression, Lamon Luther, the man, was a mechanic, carpenter, and farmer. A maker in every sense of the word, he used his calloused hands to create works of art as well as provide for his family.
“The visual identity was built from a mastered version of the signature of Lamon Luther Wilson, the ancestor of the company’s founder. The signature is the ideal symbol of the unique hand-crafted quality behind each of the company’s product lines. The two crossed adz (signifying the time-honored method of creation that the company employs) on top of a saw-like structure – serving as a unique stamp or “brand mark” pressed into the wood of the products.” – Russell Shaw
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